Comprehensive consulting and audit

Do you require a telephone consultation, an inspection of single water slides or an assessment of the whole facility over several days? We are your contact for safety issues. Our experts accompany you and your employees from planning and construction to placing into service and ongoing operations of the complex facilities.

Taking into account both legal and normative requirements, we have developed a range of service models. In a preliminary meeting, we determine the customers individual demand. All assessments are completed with a report summarising the assessment results.

  • On-site safety inspections
  • Report
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Inspection of tender documents
  • Release of execution plans
  • Material tests and inspection
  • Supplier audits
  • Operating manuals
  • Partial acceptance during and after construction phase
  • Final acceptance of water slides, diving platforms, wild rivers, swimming pools, playing areas and wave pools
  • Assessment of the entire facilities

With nearly 800 offices in all major countries of the world we can also ensure a smooth operation in international projects.

Basically we recommend an assessment of the entire facility to ensure the highest level of safety! Everything is covered within the inspection. Learn more about it in our safety tour.

Kompetenzteam für Ihre Poolsicherheit - SafeWaterpark

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