On-site management

You must always be on the spot and the technology must be run in a way that it is superficially invisible for you and you must often guarantee operations and maintenance of technology with a little budget. Besides all the tasks you have primarily one thing: Full responsibility, if a technical defect happens. Not only do you need to know the technology of today, but you must also be permanently trained for tomorrows technology.

SafeWaterpark offers a partnership for consulting and testing services – goal-oriented and designed accordingly to suit individual time scales and budget management. When it comes to standards and regulations we can help you to handle complex technical requirements comfortably. With our many years of expe-rience we not only provide you with advice, but we also assist you to take the pressure away from your responsibility relating to safety because prevention is the best safety concept!

We are your partner for more safety:

  • Comply with legal requirements and minimise your liability risk
  • Prevent possible accidents and their consequential costs
  • Confidence and attractiveness for visitors, tour operators and employees
  • Test procedures according to American and European standards and regulations and the European travel law, the relevant duty to maintain safety or regional / interregional regulations
  • Higher operational safety based on the establishment of safety standards and continuous improvement
  • Efficient training for employees
  • Accurate documentation of test results
  • Supporting dialogue between the needs of the operators and technical the responsible person

You are not sure how urgent your need for safety solution is?

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