Many regulations, less regulated laws

Only a leisure activity – these are pools, thermal baths and water parks not anymore. They are important offers to be competitively with the municipalities. However, the large pool dying shows: It is not easy, often with little funds, lack of staff and not always available expertise to plan, build and operate such a facility. Particularly because although there is an almost endless regulatory complexity, but less legal clarity.

However: If something happens, it is mostly the end of the facility. Long-standing and costly processes are often the result. We help you to avoid accidents: SafeWaterpark offers a partnership for consulting and checking benefits – goal-oriented and designed according individual time and budget management. With our long-term experiences we are not only in an advisory capacity, but also assist you to relieve by great responsibility relating to safety. Because prevention is the best safety concept!

We are your partner for more safety:

  • Assessment of need for action from the point of view of the municipalities
  • Duties and obligations of public agencies / Influence by private agencies
  • Assessment of the entire facilities, but also individual inspections, such as slides
  • Planning to repair of a facility
  • Ensuring compliance European and American safety standards
  • Compliance of travel law and relevant duty to maintain safety
  • Monitoring of law changes in travel law
  • Adaptation of the test procedures to current law change
  • Strengthening confidence for visitors, tour operators and employees
  • Gain good arguments for reducing your insurance premiums

You are not sure how urgent your need for safety solution is?

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